Madein Italy sanitryware – huge stock



72,000 pcs of sanitarware Made in Italy brands INCEA – GRAVENA – CESAME.
Detailed lists available on request

New goods, without defect, perfectly packaged and ready to be shipped.
Packing lists and all photos available.
Goods on the ground), viewable without obligation, by appointment.

Value to the public over € 10,000,000.00
Wholesale value € nd
Loading volume: about 800/1000 pieces per truck.

Conditions: NEW.
Defects: None
Notes: None.

Other photos or videos (on request) available.
In the event that the product has technical data sheets and / or packing lists, they will be supplied only after an express request.

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  1. Fetsch Johannes at Set 02, 2019 02:58:39

    pls send photo and packunglist

  2. Hasan Đozo at Set 04, 2019 08:23:55

    Good day

    I would ask you to send me pictures and prices for sanitrivaries


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