NISSAN, AUDI, BMW and other car parts, bywords and brake discs


Lot consisting of:

A. 7.799 pieces Nissan Renault Body and car body parts.
B. 3,994 (1,997 pairs) brake discs from Nissan / Renault, Audi, BMW, Opel, Citroen, Ford, Wolksvagen Group, Mercedes.

As for car spare parts and bodyworks, following car models:

– Nissan Micra, model codes K10, K11 and K12
– Nissan Almera, model codes N15 and N16
– Nissan Primera, model codes P11 and P12
– Nissan King Cab, model codes D21 and D22
– Nissan Terrano, model codes R20 and R50
– Nissan Pathfinder
– Nissan Patrol, model codes Y60 and Y61
– Nissan Xtrail, model codes T30

Brake discs for NISSAN, AUDI, BMW and as above mentioned brands

New goods, without defect, perfectly packaged and ready to be shipped.
A+B detailed Packing lists and all photos available.
Goods on the ground in Mantova, viewable without commitment by appointment.
Loading volume 3 trucks (auto parts + discs).

Conditions: NEW.
Defects: None
Notes: None.

Other photos or videos (on request) available.
In the event that the product has technical data sheets and / or packing lists, they will be supplied only after an express request.

Value to the public € 1,378,900.00
Wholesale value € 799,000.00


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