Stock of Made in Italy diapers with possibility of continuative work

We are proposing a stock as following:

Made in Italy diapers, packed in big bales as in the photo in attachment.
The product is proposed, sold and delivered under viewed and accepted (as it is) conditions
The proposed product is of A category grade, with possibility of a B grade between 10 and 15%.
Possibility of continuative contract, monthly basis supply of identical product.

On continuative basis we can supply a minimum of 2 up to 5 container maximum.

We cannot tell the quantity before as it will be impossible to determinate what it will be the available product.

In each container, from the 15 selected wings of the product are stored, a second obviously of the dimensions of the packed diapers.

Product bales are mixed in sizes.
For an approximate calculation we must consider that a ton of product is stored from 15 to 20,000 diapers (obviously depending on the size).

Delivery EXW North Italy area.

Minimum order 1 container 40 feet (15-16 pieces).
Price negotiable exclusively for monthly / annual contracts.

Currently available 6 *40 feet units complete, equivalent to about 100 tons of merchandise.

For single orders or single units the price is negotiable but in a logical manner.
Possibility of free offer but will not be considered offers considered illogical or unreasonable.

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