In the group we have an International Forwarding Agency:


I.F.A. S.r.l. Italian Forwarding Agency

I.F.A. S.r.l. Italian Forwarding Agency

I.F.A. S.r.l. (Italian Forwarding Agency), a 33 years old Italian forwarding company who let give the choice to our clients to have every of our products (our own or proposed only) at EXWFOB (or FOT), CfR (or CiF) Incoterms 2010 delivery conditions, especially with any requested services: Maritime, Railways, Aero or Terrestrial.
All the services and freight rates will be included of Export Custom formalities and requested export documents too.

Thanks to our consolidate partnerships with foreigners agents, for some of those country (Russia, Middle East and Gulf Area), we can provide to the DOOR delivery, included Import Custom formalities and cleareance too.


Detach to yourself the annoying problems of the shipment, ask to us with trust. You have to give us delivery port, nothing else.

In 24/48 hours we will give you the best freight rates, included containers (or truck or ship) daily update tracking route.



Our presentations:

Presentation Stockist Italy in English
Presentation Stockist Italy in German
Presentation Stockist Italy in Italian
Presentation Stockist Italy in Russian
Company profile Stockist Italy in Russian, a new way to make Industry.

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