In the group we have an international shipping agency:

IFA S.r.l. – Your Trusted Shipping Partner

Our company relies on the expertise and experience of IFA S.r.l., an Italian shipping agency with over thirty years of history in the logistics sector. Specializing in a wide range of transportation solutions, IFA S.r.l. is our chosen partner to ensure that our products reach our customers effectively and efficiently. More details can be found on their website:

Offering a variety of delivery conditions in line with Incoterms 2010, including EXW, FOB (or FOT), CFR (or CIF), IFA S.r.l. stands out for its ability to adapt to different shipping needs, whether it involves maritime, rail, air, or land transport.

Our collaboration with IFA S.r.l. encompasses the complete management of export customs formalities and the preparation of the necessary export documents, thus simplifying the shipping process and reducing the workload for our team.

Thanks to IFA S.r.l.’s robust global partnerships, especially in key markets such as Russia, the Middle East, and the Gulf Area, we can offer DOOR delivery services, which include all import and customs clearance formalities, ensuring smooth delivery.

For reliable and uncomplicated shipping, our company depends on IFA S.r.l. By simply providing the destination port, we are presented with the best transportation rates within 24-48 hours, updated daily, including comprehensive options for containers, trucks, or ships, and an effective route tracking system.

By choosing IFA S.r.l. as our logistics partner, we commit to offering our customers an optimal and hassle-free shipping solution.